Prolouge page 3 redone!

Unigirl on May 8, 2009

And here's the background-only version.

I've got some pages for Chapter 2 finished, it's getting closer and closer to my favorite part- the end of volume 1 (I decided to divide the story into several volumes). Somehow I like writing endings. Or reading endings. That is, when there is a book 2. Or if it's a bad story, the main character I disliked dies.

However, back on the topic. I got four pages for chapter 2 done, but the file system on Mom's computer (the only computer the scanner works on) went kaput (I love that word), so I can't scan them just yet. Anyway, enjoy the new page in the prologue!

I also switched to photoshop elements 7, can you tell the difference? (I used PSE2 before)