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Ezzy's Guide for Creating,Designing and Developing Believable Characters

diana_m at 1:55PM, June 12, 2009

Are your characters as flat as a sheet of paper?Come here and learn how to make'em round,yo!(Not guaranteed to work)

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Okay, before all, this guide is going to be humorous so if you like a bit more seriousness when you're learning you won't like it. Also, although I lack art skill there are many people I know that say I'm a good writer. If you don't agree then it's fine, I don't care anyway. I just want to help people. Now, for the guide I will use my own characters for reference. (BTW, Ezzy (Erase) is my more common and recent Internet name and since I'm going to post this on my site I might as well use this name. Don't get confused, I wrote the entire thing from scratch.) Off we go.
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Okay, there are people cursing at me now. Looks aren't really that important when you have a character with a fully developed, solid personality. Why care about the hair color when you have a character that seems as real as you, or your dad, your friend or your neighbor? WRONG. Looks are VERY important, specially if you're a beginner. For starters, think of your characters world. Think of things that are common and uncommon. Do you want your character to not stand out?Well, if he lives in a place much like our own Earth then maybe brown hair and brown eyes, medium height, medium weight. Get it? And if you want them to be uncommon, give them blue hair and red eyes or anything like that. Tall and slim? Maybe a bit muscular and a bit chubby? You're the one who decides. Also, give them tiny bits that make them more identifiable. For example, my character Diana W. Marks is a fighter, and although she is a cute, tall, skinny, blond, green-eyed girl she has a big scar on her face. This immediately identifies her as someone different. She is but she also couldn't be. A good trick is to make characters that look bland but are amazing. The opposite works as well. Amazing looks, bland person. Let's look at another character of mine. Alissa Roberts looks pretty normal. regular weight and height, light brown hair and dark blue eyes. Not really amazing. But, on the inside she is pretty amazing. Now, when designing your character, and you don't know what to do, look around. See that girl walking down the street? Maybe she would be a good base for your heroine. That old man on TV could be a pretty good Wise Elder character. Mix and match stuff. That guy's eyes, with that manga characters facial structure, with that rock stars hair. Again, just do what you want. Tip:Make sure your character isn't too outstanding or too bland! If your angel of death looks like your grandmother it wouldn't be good. Stuff, like this is acceptable in humor works, but in more serious stuff it's frowned upon. Also, in comics, designing complicated characters may lead to some discomfort. Remember you have to draw them A LOT. Don't overreact, even you think it looks good. Now, I must go! I shall be back to help you some more. For now, go practice look design. Sit at your local mall and watch the people, maybe just watch TV. When you have an idea for a character that looks good to you draw/note it down. Show it to people if you like, this will help you cross out what's bad. But if you like your character just as it is, maybe it wouldn't be wise. Remember, it's your story.



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