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Screen-writing part 3, from Quackcast 70

Ozoneocean at 9:58AM, March 27, 2012

In the 3rd part of our 4 part focus on the art of story and screenwriting we have a look at some more interesting and popular story genres; Buddy Love, Fool Triumphant, and Whydunnit! We learn further tricks of the trade and gain more insights into the secret and amazing world of story writing, all from the mind of the genius screenwriting prodigy Banes!

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By Banes, talented screenwriter:
From Quackcast 70!
Screenwriting part 3
Buddy Love
An “incomplete” hero,
A Counterpart that has what the hero needs (and needs what the hero has),
A Complication
These kinds of stories are legion. Though lots of stories have a “friendship” or “love” component (with the B story of many movies being the “love” story), BUDDY LOVE tales are different. The whole point of the story is the relationship between a couple of buddies!
A subgenre of this are the romantic comedies and love stories - they’re “buddy” stories with romantic love in the mix!
Whether it’s a buddy cop story, a couple of dorky, bickering pals, or various romantic versions, this type of story boils down to this…the transformation in the protagonist is created by another person!
Everything from Abbott and Costello and Wayne’s World to Lethal Weapon and Wedding Crashers to E.T. and all those romantic comedies fit right in here!
Anyway, this genre includes many variations. Let’s do what I do best, and recite lists of movies!
ROMANTIC LOVE: when harry met sally, the wedding planner, sleepless in seattle, you’ve got mail, fever pitch…and on and on and on and on!
PET LOVE: where it’s a non-human that comes into your life: Seabiscuit, Black Beauty, Free Willy, Benji, Because of Winn Dixie. E.T. also fits here…as does FIDO, the brilliant zombie pet movie!
WORK / FAMILY LOVE: with a family bond or a family-TYPE bond: I Love you, Man, Lethal Weapon, Wayne’s World, Tango and Cash, The Odd Couple, Rush Hour, Role Models.
EPIC LOVE: love with a big, epic backdrop: Gone with the wind, Titanic, The Notebook…also True Romance and True Lies!
FORBIDDEN LOVE: where society stands in the way: DON’T DATE ROBOTS! examples include: Harold & Maude, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, Romeo & Juliet.
Example on Drunk Duck - A Cat Tale by ayesinback
…it’s a sweet, I believe true story about the arrival of a…well, some kind of new arrival in the household. I don’t want to spoil what it is…it could be a turtle! It could be a spider monkey!
A Detective, A Secret, A Dark Turn
mystery stories, dawg!
These are mystery stories. Stories wherein the secret of “whodunnit” is revealed piece by piece. I think they call it “WHYDUNNIT” because the WHY is often more interesting than the WHO. Getting to the deeper and deeper secrets of What Happenned involves asking who, what, where, how, AND why, really.
And the structure of deeper and deeper secrets is probably why these stories tend to be dark, dark business.
There is generally a detective…not necessarily an actual cop or P.I, although that’s the standard. it’s someone uncovering the clues.
There is a SECRET, of course - a “why” to get to the bottom of.
And there is a “Dark Turn” - where the detective breaks his own rules, or discovers the darkness within himself.
Interesting stuff!
The mystery very often comes back to the detective him-or-herself, whether it’s a connection to an earlier case, or the detective becoming personally entangled in things.
One interesting point is that in these types of stories, the protagonist often does NOT change. Quite unusual…we the audience are taken on a roller coaster….WE are the ones who change by what we discover. The hero is usually the same person at the end than they are in the start.
EXAMPLES include:
POLITICAL WHYDUNNITS - All the President’s Men, JFK
NOIR WHYDUNNITS - The classic! As in Chinatown, Devil in a Blue Dress, Brick, and The Long Goodbye and The Big Sleep
COP WHYDUNNITS - Fargo, Sea of Love, L.A. Confidential, Silence of the Lambs. Maybe Dirty Harry flicks belong here, and not in the “dude with a problem” area. Who knows? It’s a mystery! :-D
PERSONAL WHYDUNNITS - As in Rear Window, The Jagged Edge, Kiss the Girls, and Mystic River.
and even FANTASY WHYDUNNITS - as in Blade Runner, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Ghost, Minority Report and the Sixth Sense.
Example on Drunk Duck:
Well, our 2011 Radio Play certainly was!
A classic noir!
Fool Triumphant
Ah, the noble fool! But is he an idiot? Or is he actually the wisest one among us?
Could be either one. But he is APPARENTLY a fool. A character who is disregarded by the world around them. A true underdog, who stands against an establishment of some kind…but not on purpose!
The fool is just trying to live their life, but just by being who they are, they will expose “the establishment” as the REAL fools!
The fool is not a revolutionary, or a warrior. Just by their presence, they show the power of the individual…even the least among us…to make a difference. Hooray!
A Fool, of course! One who’s naive about what they’re capable of
An Establishment to be disregarded by
A Transmutation….assuming a new name or identity, or a new persona, is often an element of these stories.
The POLITICAL FOOL: Mr Smith Goes to Washington, Dave, King Ralph, Bulworth, Being There
The UNDERCOVER FOOL - Mrs. Doubtfire, Tootsie, Big Momma’s House, She’s the Man, Soul Man, School of Rock, Royal Flash
The SEX FOOL - wherein the fool is mistaken for a lothario, when he’s not - Lover Boy, Bridget Jones’ Diary, and the 40 Year Old Virgin.
The SOCIETY FOOL - Forrest Gump, I Am Sam, Charly, Mask, Sling Blade, Shine, The Mouse that roared
FOOL out of WATER - Beverly Hills Cop, Stripes, Mr. Mom (there’s Michael Keaton! yay!) Coming to America, Legally Blonde, Private Benjamin, The Man who KNew too Little
example on Drunk Duck
this is gauche, I know, but my comic is somewhat of an example
typical strange by Banes
That’s three more genres! HOORAY!
See you next time for our conclusion!



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