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Hello everyone! Glad you stopped by. I suppose you're expecting to see a little about myself here, so I'll bow to the masses and tell you about moi.

Name: Lyss
Age: 18
Occupation: Selling Knives
Hobbies: Gliding, Reading, Writing, Drawing
Quirks: I have a really annoying and really loud laugh. I’m also slightly insane, and like to do silly things in public (like wearing elf ears to school for no reason)
Friends: Small groups suit me well ^^
Color: Dark Green or Ocean Blue
Artist: Yukiru Sugisaki
Author: R.A. Salvatore
T.V. Shows: Dirty Jobs, Bleach, Vampire Knight
Story Type: Action/Adventure/Fantasy
Animal: Orca
Mystical Creature: Dragons!!!!
Stand Alone Book: Dracula (Brom Stoker version)
Book Series: The Adventures of Drizzt (By R.A. Salvatore)
Mangas: Bleach, DNAngel, Fruits Basket, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, KageTora

My current and only comic right now has been influenced by DNAngel, Dragon Ball Z, a little Bleach, Yu Yu Hakisho, and some French class. When I’m finished with DMTNT, I’ll probably start a Pokémon comic. Not in sprite form, because I wouldn’t even know where to begin with a comic like that. Hopefully by the time I’m done with DMTNT I’ll be able to duplicate the Pokémon cartoon style. If not… oh well ^^;

Sometime this year I might have a short comic based on an English paper that I have to turn in (It was like a 10-year paper, only not). It’ll be tons of fun and merriment with lots of mutant Pray Mantis and tyrannical robots! I’ll have way too much fun with it, in short.

I hope this was enough for you. Peace, Love, and Domo-kun to you all.

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Dead at the hands of a childhood friend, Amber Darrand never knew that life could be so cruel-or death so busy! This is the story of a dead girl who is brought back to life because of a binding contract that has survived the ages between immortals and men

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The once terror of the world, the immortal wizard Darshe the Destroyer was defeated and sentenced to spiritual rehab in the body of a monk boy. Now re-awakened can he escape his clueless prison and regain his power to finish what he started?

A fantasy supernatural horor-comedy about monsters and other horrible creatures like humans, made by and for the socially awkward malcontents. It's a character-driven story that features both whimsical magical elements and gory body horror, with big emotional drama.

In the future, even machines will need an angel, and one girl is there to fill in that job position, her name is Angel Love; and her dream will cause a whole cyborg city to erupt into a massive gang war.

A black mage on a quest seeking revenge; A naive elf-girl adventurer wannabe who keeps getting into trouble; A sinister and evil power that threatens to destroy the world... Fantasy/Adventure manga.

Night School: Kojo Academy It is midnight, do you know where your kids are? Well if you are a creature of the night, they should be in Night School!

Nancy was wandering in the forest when something crossed the sky above, screaming and crashing among the trees. This is how she meets Herbert, a wandering "witchfinder" on the run from demons, who stumbled by sheer luck into the only village they can't approach...

A Sci-Fi Dramatic Series


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