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Hello, one and all, and this is my profile.

The reason why you're probably here is to get the scoop on my comic, to see who I recommend, to see who I hang out with or maybe even just because you're a curious fan. I'm here to tell you that it's okay, really. Send me a Quack, ask questions, add me as a friend, whatever. I'm supportive and polite to anyone who takes time out of their busy schedules to comment or even send a friendly message.


I am 17, currently living in Los Alamos, NM and I am a Junior in high school. Though I am the one drawing this comic, drawing is, unfortunately, not my first love. Like everyone else and their mom, I intend to beat globalization and career competition to the punch and become an author. I've been drawing and writing since I was old enough to remember, mostly just copying little things off of people I knew and slowly developing my own style. It was only when Heather West came to me with an idea that I decided to put my art to the test.


Heather West is 19, a natural-born writer and a soon-to-be sophmore in College. Taking a two-year program at the college in Los Alamos, the author of this comic spends most of her time at my place Loling. Since the beginning of high school, Heather and I have been attached to the hip, but it was only a few years ago that she dubbed us as the "Norse Crime-fighting Duo". Thank Heather for this comic, because if it were not for her encouragement, ideas and over-all awesome-ness, this comic would not currently be in existance.


It all started with a quickly drawn up character to satisfy a plot hole. Fenrir was a character living in the head of an unsuspecting young man, based off of the son of Loki in norse mythology. Engrossed by the halirity of Norse myths, Emily Richards, originally the lover of the aforementioned young man, became the unsuspecting love-interest of the disgruntled Fenrir. It was inevitable, considering their cuteness and irresistability.

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A woman stumbles upon a ribbon and releases a monster commonly known as the Big, Bad Wolf. Now Emily Richards must deal with the consequences of her actions and become the new Ribbon Keeper.

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