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Welcome to The Emerald City!

Wow, it has been a long road to get to the point where we are now. Jason Sutherland (artist, inker, bad mo-fo) and I (Kevin M. Jones, writer) started this journey 10 years ago with a dream to create a world and a series that we could be proud of. I am glad to say that we have accomplished that and we are now plowing through the first chapter in this rich world we created. Sadly I don't want to give away too many details about the background of the world, because as the reader most of the fun will be seeing how the world unfolds, learning the rules of the world and so on. I will say that the world is set in modern times and at first glance it might as well be the same world that we live in today! But things are not always what it seems.

One thing I want to stress is while we have some main characters this is not a series about just them. This is a story about something bigger than them; this is a story about the world that they live in. The story has quite a few characters from many different walks of life; from the SPD to the seedy underworld and all in-between! Not to toot our own horn (but if I don't then I wouldn't be doing a very good job trying to convince you to check us out!) but I think we have created characters so special and so unique that you want to get to know them. We plan on the introduction to our world to be about 30 to 40 issues long, and I already have plans for our next project.

I am very proud of our work, our dedication to get to the point where we feel we are ready to be published; our ability to have stuck it out throughout the hardships that life threw at us. But enough of my rambling, please check out our pages and for more complete character bios and thought about our work please check out our blog at Also we love feedback, so any feedback you might have you can send it to or drop us a line here!

Thanks for taking your time to read this and thanks for looking at our work.

-Kevin M. Jones

-Jason Sutherland

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A comic series set in the beautiful city of Seattle, Washington by Jason Sutherland and Kevin M. Jones.

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Cheers for the add guys nice stuff - [url=]Dream Music[/url] breaze through give it a lick

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Thanks for the add, and the comment. Hope all is well.

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