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So… I guess I've been spriting for a few years now, and my biggest inspirations are spriters like Akuma TH, and other MGers and Psyguy. I'm currently spriting for Akuma TH's WST tournament. My real name and other stuff like that shouldn't interest you, but I'll tell you that I live in America. Happy? No? Well **** off.
My Original Characters
Flyt The Flicky/Pterodactyle
Species: Flicky
Abilities: Power over the wind element/Buku-Jutsu/Henshin
Fun Fact: Flyt isn't really a pterodactyle, but that is his stage name when he enters many tournaments and such. Hence his name. He's actually a flicky that was biologically merged with cybernetic alien armor, granting him unimaginable power matched by few in the universe. Known beings capable of rivaling his powers are Sonic, Akuma Th, Lightning TSH, Shadow, and a few others.

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Flyt was a flicky from Mobius until he was permanantly fused with alien cybernetic armour that grants him grand power. Now he fights stuff and shit.

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