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*pokes* My profile. Credit to Valavor for the avvie.

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A completely scratch sprited comic.

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Ash Stavro Ketchum hasn't got it easy. After being visited by a mysterious spirit and pissing him off halfway to insanity, he finds out there are people after his life. Thus he sets out along with his fat partner to kick the snot out of their opposition!

A sprite comic focused on randomness, events that happen around the author, and amusement at the expense of other people's pain! Based SLIGHTLY on the Square-Enix Kingdom Hearts franchise.

A war within the world of gaming. And who are we kidding, a group of rebel is all that stands in the way of total destruction. With Link out for revenge, and Orginazation XIII back in order, Does the gaming world stand a chance? Probally not.

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