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I joined in Nov 2006 because I thought it would be cool to
make a comic and after 2 years Ive barely done anything. Read and comment on my comics as well as the ones in my favs list.

PQ me if ye have any queries or suggestions.

Comics By Holy Sock

  • Fantasy |
  • 62 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
A comedic view of our world's history...
  • Fantasy |
  • 6 pages |
  • last: March 8 2014 |
The lives of two beloved and completely unpopular comic characters
  • Fantasy |
  • 120 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
Life with Mindy and Frog with other random stuff.

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Comics Recomended By Holy Sock

Allan (Biographically) is an autobiographical comic me and my friend Rob thought up. It's based off real-life happenings to me, and possibly other people who get involved with me.

An inquisitive worm makes friends with the bird who was going to eat him. Sarcasm ensues. A Platinum Studios comic!

The first month of classes is all orientation anyway

Random comics i made

Random musings on awful things

Its just RANDOM!!

For over a decade, spanning some 4000 nights written in these journals, Lt. David Day Became HERO BY NIGHT, protecting the innocent and punishing evil wherever he could find it, until one day...HE VANISHED. A Platinum Studios comic! Updates Monday-Frid

Mostly my own slightly warped view on Life, Death, and the world in general.. Not really, this follows the lives of Death (Steve) and Life (Bobby) Along with the other mythical/magical beings that clutter up the place

Philosophy and absurdities of two fish in a fish tank... Occasional guest stars and external locations.

Dark and twisted,yet stays crunchy in milk! Delicious humor with a fun toy surprise.

Two Pigs talk about Music, obviously.

In a world recovering from the near obliteration of mankind, the lawless, Fearless, and Fastest to pull their gun are the only ones that survive.

In a nut-shell, Raw Fish is; The every day cultural shock of an American living in Japan.

A portal to hell has opened inside of Evan's belly button. It's up to Evan and his friends to return the demons to the lint filled hell from whence they came.

Skipp is a fun loving guy who just wants to enjoy life to the fullest without the means of reality holding him back. Pipp is the realist who trys to explain reality to Skipp.

Set in the gritty, near future of a crime,and poverty ravished Detroit,this one has it all: Pimps, Ho's, Ninjas, and cannibalistic street gangs. Great story and art by one of roleplayings hottest new artists.

Well if you've got time to hover your mouse over this picture, you've got time to read the comic...

Not four hours ago, soldier gone space drifing alien Simms hijacked a ship and took off for anywhere. Soon to be forced to make an "Emergency Landing" on the planet Urf.

A parody of my life and the people in it. Different style for each chapter. But basically a spoof on a bandgeek's life, her friends, and even her readers. Updates Daily.

The Electric Owl! Hero of Point City...and the World!

Comic about the life of an often angry pet store owner who must deal with a wide variety of strange animals both at work and in her Apartment. Especially a very goofy Hamster and a very aggressive Gerbil.

While T&P started out as an irreverent mixture of visuals, animation, and audio, it is now the home of TWITCH!, a behind the scenes look into the operations at TWITCH! Entertainment, a video game development studio.

Ultimate X, where what we did was take your normal, everyday letter X, pump him full of drugs and booze, sex him up some and chuck on a fine pimp hat.

To look at him you would chalk Doug up as just another loser. But look closer. Not only is he a fantastic Uncle to his brother's kids, but also a very successful business man. YES! Looks are deceiving -especially when it comes to Doug Tanner.

A story about zombies... two in fact.


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