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Know what's annoying? The fact that I couldn't put the word 'girl' in my username. I mean, are people really that perverted? Well anyway, hi and how'd you get to this page? However you got here please just like my comics and personality in general.

Name- Kimberly Anne Baker (Kim for short and yes, my username's an oxymoron)
Eye Color- hazel
Hair Color- dirty blonde
Height- 5' (I KNOW I'M SHORT)
Weight- Private
Age- 15
Birthday- 1/27/95

Weird things about me-
+ I am quiet, shy, and a bit of a nerd (but a very sexy nerd)
+ My mom had me when she was 17
+ I don't know who my father is-apparantly neither does my mom
+ At 11 I moved into my grandma's
+ My mom's out there "doing who knows what with who knows who" and she drops by randomly.
+ I am manic-depressant
+ I am straight and single (but kissed a girl once)

+ The Kooks, Adele, Tickle Me Pink, the All American Rejects, and the Racontuers.
+ The Wizard of Oz, Lemony Snicket's a Series of Unfortunate Events, The Lightning Thief, Eragon, and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. (how do you underline?)
+ Cantaloupe, Boca burgers, hamburgers (woulda told you if I was a vegitarian), mint chocolate chip ice cream, and bread and butter.
+ The colors purple and green when they aren't used for a very large dinosaur
+ Music, singing, comics, reading, writing, and humor.

+ Rap.
+ Shakespeare and Twilight fanatics along with the books themselves.
+ Cheddar cheese.
+ Loud and obnoxious people who are in your face, spitting and waving their arms frantically.
+ My mom's boyfriends.
+ Not having a dad.
+ My grandma's rules on dating, bedtime, and etc.
+ Biased people who are biased in predjudice ideas, sexism, or the government.
+ Fast food.
+ Those extra five…or ten pounds.
+Secrets pertaining me being kept secret from me.

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A bunch of sketches I make over the decade. Possibly actual comics in a while.

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