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This is a fan-comic based on Aenaluck's characters Master and Carlnes. I ship this brothers couple from quite a time, and some time ago I decided to create a fictional not-canon story about them surrounding a more actual/realistic world in which these characters have no special powers, but are into BDSM/kinky/sexy things XD I started writting some fanfictions, but recently I came back to drawing-stuff when I started practicing digital painting. So this is not an ambitious project at all, I just want to keep my art improving and have some fun doing something I like very much :)

So yeah… Get ready to watch tones of yaoi, BL, boys love stuff around here… :3

You can follow and discover more things, art and curiosities in my instagram account.

Most of the characters are based on already existing OCs (Master, Carlnes, Audec, Argis, Servaney, Gareth) which references and designs belong to Aenaluck. Support her at:

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Master is a DEA special agent who has a dangerous mission: capturing a known drug trafficker. His older brother, Carlnes, is a reputed businessman who has a double life into BDSM. Five years have passed since Master's best friend and lover died, but now these two brothers should work together in order to stop the traffic of Vitae, the new drug that is endangering the city. However, after so many years of silence and distance, their relationship has became cold and distant, so they will have to find a way to trust each other again. Most of the characters are based on already existing OCs which references and designs belong to Aenaluck.

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