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I often go by the screen name Industrial Fox, but I'm better known as Krissie.

My current comic is a sprite comic series called "Twisted Reality" which started off long ago as a hand-drawn comic, which then became a sprite comic. It consists of a variety of skits revolving around various characters in mostly slapstick situations. I may create new strips for it, now that I have a place to show them off.
I've recently started a hand-drawn comic strip series called Joykill. It uses slice-of-life situations mostly, and may eventually have a serious storyline, but don't count on it, because I'm lazy. :3

You can find more of my works at Deviantart or Fur Affinity.

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JoyKill is a comic strip that is a mix of humor and a serious continuous story. Right now, it's a simple comic strip right now, Though I may expand it in the future.
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Twisted Reality is an old and very weird Sprite Comic series I made during my High School Years. It parodies various games and other comics as well as my real life experiences and inside jokes. It's rather silly, but I'm still proud of parts of it.

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Guns. Cars. Cute girls. bad redneck humor. What more could you need?

The adventures of a young raccoon hero-for-hire who ends up in things way over his head. Which is only to be expected--- as he's barely over two feet tall....

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