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You can find me pretty much anywhere on the ‘net as Kalira, though, of course, the name is borrowed from the incomporable Mercedes Lackey (her novel ’Brightly Burning'). Also known to use Kalira9 and Kalira69.

I don't update bio-type things very often, though I am a writer. I spend lots of time reading, on and offline. Lots of fanfiction, especially slash. If you're curious about mine, it can be tracked down on here.

If you want to know more about me for some reason I (and some of my fic) can also be found on LJ here. Go on, be nosy, I don't care. I love to talk to people about writing and fandoms, so don't be shy if I've said something that made you want to chat.

I honestly don't keep up with webcomics anymore - I rotate through the roughly 230 ones I read and catch up through the entire archives, as I like getting a lot of story at once.

Location: Tulsa, OK
*Unless I have become lost in my head or a fantasy world again, in which case there is really no telling where I am, and you may not wish to follow. My head's a scary place sometimes!

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A fantasy supernatural horor-comedy. In spite of the title, this is an ensemble cast- different groups coming together and living their lives and un-lives in Kellwood; both a city where humans dwell, and a realm of magical creatures. Conflict brews where these two Kellwoods overlap. In between the politics of Fae and Demons, the formidable Hunters who protect unwitting humans, and other troubles simmering on the backburner, lies a cabin in the woods where our main cast resides... a crew of misfits and malcontents who have found kinship, friends, or just a reason to hang around.

In the future, even machines will need an angel, and one girl is there to fill in that job position, her name is Angel Love; and her dream will cause a whole cyborg city to erupt into a massive gang war.

An angel and demon are forced to live together in a rare deal between Heaven and Hell.

The lost archives to Elijah and Azuu.

It's hard being the grim reaper....when your souls get stuck in trees.

A fantasy adventure set in a world where creatures of magic have returned to the world and myths have the power to shape reality

Sam has a gift with women. He oozes charm, and can get any girl into bed. Sam has everything he could want, but there's one problem - and his name is George! The two boys are drawn to each other, causing even heart-throb Sam to look within himself.. YAOI

A blind elven assassin out to prove himself to the world ... and himself.

In a time of great transition after the fall of two warring gods, a mysterious beast-like "elf" named Narou wanders the world of Kelvren in search of adventure with his new friends.

Once every 100 years, Nemution will be formed into a jewel his sould searching for his eternal lover. Once merged they must both accept each other for a complete transformation. However, because the lover is unable to recognize and prepare ones body for the merge, they destroy each other and are once again parted for 100 years; till nemution rises again and his reborn eternal lover is called to him. After many years of separation, Nemution has once again found his eternal lover; a promise and a vow, forever kept. But a new torment awaits the eternal lover. YAOI/BL

Roommates are never easy. These roommates are never normal. How do you manage when you live in a house with a vampire, a ghoul, a medium, and a werewolf. Oh, and the naked ghost.

Andy and his friends of various sexual orientations and levels of sanity live in a world where the line between the norm and the bizarre is fuzzy at best. But who can really define "normal", anyway?


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