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Hello Peoples! It's nice to meet you! <33

Name: Raye
Age: 24
B-day: May 21
Location: West Central Florida
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian - Woo Hoo!
Likes: Kitties, butterflies, Starbucks caramel frappicinos, finding new music, good books or comics, karaoke

I may not be able to draw myself, but I have a high appreciation for people who can. I especially love romantic, drama, and comedy webcomics.

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Chris was never really good with her words or her relationships. But when she stumbles upon a cute girl in her trash one night..well, she just became a bit more tongue tied.

Boobs Ahoy! centers mainly around two carefree lesbian pirates out to do nothing more than sleep with as many women as possible and have a good time. Pirates, Lesbian, Yuri, Nerdy Humor.

Changes is the story of a boy becoming a Girl in the realm of the BDSM lifestyle. Many emotional twists and turns happen as our hero tries to discover hir true path in life.

Two would be crooks, Alyx and Elena, find themselves on a string of bad luck with no home and no money. Through chance events the two gain an opportunity to get back on their feet... If they're willing to get their hands dirty. Contains: Fem/Fem

Transgender/Lesbian Romance! A little sophistication, a little punk rock, sexy butch women and a hapless everywoman protagonist in a lesbian demimonde.

A typical lesbian love story... that also deals with voodoo, reincarnation, curses and all takes place in the Big Easy! maybe it's not so typical? [Yuri, Shoujo-ai, Romance, Drama, Cute, Love]

After a chance meeting, Choa is talked into being a costume model for an up-an'-coming fashion student, Rune. Yuri, yaoi an' het.

"GAYLINGS", by S. Frederick, follows a group of fun little Gaylings trying to figure out a straight world that's thoroughly bent. See

Girl love is about 2 girls named Lisa and Emily, they are in love with each other and there parents don't know. Will there love make it, what will there parents say if the find out?? Warning this comic contains yuri and maybe adult situations.

have you ever thought what it would be like when several queer people from different countries met in one place? Well, this story is about it, an erasmus exchange at university full of romance and all events that may concern queer people

It's just a sweet romantic drama about making new friends and changing stubborn views and attitudes. ~ Shonen-ai / boyslove / yaoi / romance / drama ~

Sarah is a fairly ordinary person who just wants to lead a quiet life but seems to have a habit of getting herself into extremely complicated situations! Contains themes of an LGBT nature.


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