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Hoy! Not a total newbie anymore so let's talk a little more seriously.
You can call me Loor, and I'm here to work on the project Cohime. I may do one or two smaller black-and-white comics, but Cohime is the main project; that's the one you should be watching. 
Feel free to message me if you've any comments, questions, or otherwise about my work, or just wanna strike up a conversation. :)

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Enter a world of magic, spirits, and dragons as a young woman embarks on a journey to save her brother from unknown peril and her world from oblivion. Teen to Mature for later suggestions at adult themes. WE'RE BACK ONLINE! UPDATING MONDAYS!

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Follow up to the wildly successful Persona 3 FTW, follow the Protagonist and his friends as they solve a serial homicide case in their small town. Much like P3FTW this comic DOES CONTAIN SPOILERS! You have been warned.

WARNING: Comic contains spoilers for Shin Megami Tensei: Persona. The follow up to the successful comics, Persona 3 FTW and Persona 4TW, Persona Won is taking you on another parody walkthrough. This time, the focus is on the one little game that started it all. Updates Weekdays

The Kuzunoha name has been passed down for generations. But when a sudden tragedy befalls the 18th Raidou everything falls onto the shoulders of a high school screw-up named Johei. Is he really worthy of being Raidou Kuzunoha the 19th?

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