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Name: Jalen
Age: 14
Race: African American
Hometown: Ratchet City, LA
Birthday: July 11, 1994
Sign: Cancer
Bio: When iFirst started spriting, iJoined Sprites Inc (Cool Place, By the way :3). Then, iWandered off to this place and made some Megaman Battle Network Comics. One was called Network Destruction and the other was Zero Network. Now that iLook back at them, they werent really that good. iThen started back to playing some PokeMoN games again. iNoticed some good Comics that were on Drunkduck. iRead them, then felt influenced to make some PoKeMoN comics. iMade one, but remade a whole bunch of times. Probably Three. Now, iAm working on a much better comic. iAm using Advance Map for the maps and making some sprites from scratch and such. If that idea is too much for me, prepare for something totally different.
Hobbies: Writing , Spriting, Playing Video Games, Reading Comics

I have been seeing some guys do this Top Friend thing and thought I should try it out, too.

Hiroshi (Foozdude) - Hes a cool guy to hang out with. I talk to him a lot on MSN. He may not have a comic here, but he does make some good videos on Youtube.

Riley (Manablitz) - He is always happy and sometimes very random. But, another cool guy to hang with.

Zak (BrokenBox) - He is epic. He makes comics filled with lulz, too. ;D

Arc - He is a great person to talk to about Paint.Net and such. He has taught me some great things.

Robbie (Chaosflame24) - He insults me a lot, but is a great friend at time. Hell help you out with anything… IF he feels like it. D:

Dash (Kinuchio) - He is awesome. He makes a great comic and is also really good with Paint.Net. He is the one that influenced me to start making comics. O:

Niles (Jaffar255) - He draws now. He used to make some good comics. The only problem was that he quit so many of them. I want him to start another sprite comic. ]:

Alex (soonmme) - He makes that epic PoKeMoN comic we know as A PoKeMoN Comic with a long Title. When I talk to him, he is always talking about some other shit, though. D:

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A comic about the journey me and my girlfriend have through Hoenn

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When Goku and Vegeta get room mates to help with the bills, they had no idea just exactly what they were getting themselves into...

Random jokes made by my lovable characters Grasshopper and Sensei. Even though there poorly drawn and just shapes with a face there hilarious humor will crack you up!

Watch out for Megaman and Ken as they try to stop the evil Dr. Wily... Or so it seems.

Join May, a beginning trainer, and her two new friends, Hayley and Taylor, as they travel through the Kanto region in hopes of May fulfilling her dream of becoming a Pokemon Coordinator Master!

I once had this comic post guest comics for 4 years straight, that's how good I am at this comic thing WICKED

X, Axl and Zer0 are three S-Rank Maverick hunters. But what do they do when they aren't fighting Mavericks? Whether it's drinking coffe, or Zer0's latest plot to kill Axl, it's never dull around base!


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femine angel at 3:21PM, July 22, 2008

Thanks for the comment! =D

StephODell at 2:48PM, March 23, 2008

Thanks for the add, man! ;D

ZeroSennin at 4:49PM, March 11, 2008

Thank you kindly for the add; if you get a chance, pop over to my comic, Narikiri Rangers. ~ZS

spitfire_hokage at 9:47AM, Feb. 23, 2008

thanks for the add.

Black Daisy at 8:01AM, Feb. 22, 2008

Why didn't i know u had a Pokemon comic til now?

toe jam at 5:39PM, Jan. 20, 2008

love u lots, loved the video. love, miquel p. s. this is from your sister not b. and r.

Black Daisy at 7:46AM, Jan. 18, 2008

Kick ass, I'm a friend! Yo Net, That's the end.

ManaBlitz at 3:20PM, Jan. 17, 2008

[quote=Netsaver exe]*Netsaver exe has succesfully added you to his AIM contact list. Please add him back. His Screename is 'netsaver exe' That is all, ManaBlitz.*[/quote] Typing in the third person? I'm never on AIM. Like, ever. But if I do, I guess I'll add you. :O

Leon the Armadilldo at 9:41PM, Jan. 7, 2008

wow... you look nothing like i thought you would... also, would you care to have a look at my new comic? LeonTA'S sketch book?

Arc at 7:37PM, Dec. 29, 2007

I don't have AIm but I do have YIM, I'll add ya now.

Arc at 1:40PM, Oct. 19, 2007

Thank you for the Add!

Chaz McRich at 3:23PM, Oct. 17, 2007

Thanks for the add chum!

Superpee at 9:40AM, June 18, 2007

It depends, how is it like in the movies?

jef dam5 at 1:31PM, June 5, 2007

More or less... P.S. Eevee rocks. P.P.S. Cheese rocks even more.

jef dam5 at 12:51PM, June 5, 2007

Thanks for adding me... So, who are you?

Lexxorodius at 8:23AM, May 28, 2007

Dude, nice songs. I never realized you were african american (I guess your fro in your comic gives it away).

qijun at 2:51PM, May 25, 2007

why Did you add me to friends?

sessy6 at 8:39AM, May 22, 2007

So tell me how you do It in whatever photoshop you use? C'mon, man!

sessy6 at 3:50AM, May 20, 2007

How do you stroke text in .NET? I wanna see if its the same in elements...

soonmme at 8:44PM, May 14, 2007

You recomended... Bothe of my comics... and the 2 comics I assist, XD Cool vid BTW. "friends, Joe and alex" Wait, you know me? XD

sessy6 at 9:59AM, May 7, 2007

...I'm top on your friends list! :3! And you've reccommended my comic! You Rock!

Haku6 at 7:13AM, April 26, 2007

...Oh, wait You don't know them....Never mind....

Haku6 at 7:13AM, April 26, 2007

You have an awesome taste in music..........I love linkin park! And can I just say, You look just like my friends, Joe and alex mixed together......

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