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Nic is a writer from the south, Ben is an artist from the north. When they meet in the middle they make comics :)

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  • Real Life |
  • 132 pages |
  • last: Aug. 1 2022 |
Potato & Kraut is a non-linear story set in early 20th century Ireland. It centers around two young girls brought together by a twist of fate. Watch as the odd pair form a close relationship only to be separated years later by the Great War. This tale offers quirky folks, all kinds of love, a bit of silliness, a few tears, a couple of pet pigs and the occasional bloody nose. Welcome to Ireland! (LGBTQ story)
  • Horror |
  • 14 pages |
  • last: Oct. 10 2020 |
A short 24 hour horror comic about some boys who get more than they bargained for when they visit the witch's well.

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Ben the Bunny and Turtle have everyday moments together that remind us of ourselves. They have good times and bad but always seem to work it out. They represent me and my husbands life and these are those simple moments that we share together.

A young urban explorer seeks answers to her hometown's missing persons problem in a forbidden part of town. An old theatre opens its doors for her. Will she be able to cope with what she finds inside, or will her poster join the others at town hall? Storyboard, writing & colours by Steadfastnomad | Lines and rendering by JCorrachComics Thriller/Fantasy, T Updates Sundays

coming of age, gen z, funny type of story following kids in Ireland who are just starting secondary school. Light storyline, silly at times

a little comic for a little q

Rori the woodcarver goes on an exploration of the forest where a supposed evil witch resides. (Girl love comic)

Matriarch follows the life of royal Haldeina Muidemi ni Daarude through war and continental restructuring as they aim to pull their nation from long standing isolationism. As a teenager under male moniker Eidon, Muidemi is swept away in the political strife of the Belizios Empire. Estranged from their cousin, protected by their uncle, their agenda evolves as their eyes are opened to the larger world they intend to become a part of. This work is LGBTQIA+ with some fur. It is tagged 'fantasy' because I can only choose one genre for it, but it is a war story with depictions of life situations, graphic violence, romance, sexual content, language, drug use, and at times horror and fear. It is rated mature.

Beatrice is tormented by the same dream for years until one day she's left questioning if they really are just dreams or if someone's trying to reach out to her. TOPWEBCOMICS:

Follow the tale of Hel, a scorned woman that reaps the world of its impurities, while hunting down the man who has wronged her a thousand years ago.

Sarah is a fairly ordinary person who just wants to lead a quiet life but seems to have a habit of getting herself into extremely complicated situations! Contains themes of an LGBT nature.

He died near Christmas. His GI tract burst due to years of alcohol and painkiller abuse, and he bled to death in bed. I started working on this about a month later. I’m still processing a lot of feelings, and this comic came out of scribblings in my notebook on my first day back to work. I can’t begin to say everything I want to say, but if I kept going this comic would be a book, so I’ll leave it at this, “I love you Dad, and I miss you.”

None remember when the fog blotted the skies of holy Sentivio. Then came the plague, transforming heretics into twisted demons. Now many years hence a noble girl wakes with a knife at her neck. She is immune to the plague, and prophecy says she must save us all, but all she wants is escape.

SWALLOW: Vamps in the Big City. Updated on WEDNESDAYS Created and written by Camilla Rantsen, illustrated by Meesimo. What if an innocent young beauty, new to the big city, had no idea she was secretly a Vampire? When Trilby arrives in New York, wide eyed and sharp fanged, a recruiting war breaks out between good and evil. Which side will Trilby sway towards? Either way, it will be a bloody good time! Featuring elements of Action, Horror, Comedy, and maaaybe a little romance.

One night, in the small, rural town of Littleton, Indiana, a mysterious boy appears. Who is he? Where did he come from? And what does he want? Join us every Friday as we find who is Kevin Kid and join him on his many adventures. Created by Mo J. Lozano. ***UPDATES FRIDAYS~ISSUE 2 COMING SOON!***

Ever since the Great War came, everyone was forced to live underground where a new civilisation was built. All sorts of mysteries are hidden in this society as well as dangers lurking in every corner. Our main characters being a secret organisation of visual antes. Putting justice in place in a world of chaos, despite having severe consequences...... (I don't really know how often updates will be but as often as possible!)

What happens when two cultures collide. Two tribes. Two people of different races. The story is set in times of ancient Mongolia and Siberia.

A K9 duo watching over and protecting the citizens of their home town of Spring Haven. Brisco and Rudy are Fletcher and Raid, The Watch-Dogs, and they're ready to kick some tail. (There was suppose to be a hyphen between the words "Watch Dogs"). Also, I'll be posting a new page every Monday.

Chessie and Dook come from opposite sides of The Window. But that won't stop Chessie from being Dook's best friend...whether Dook likes it or not. Now updating Tuesdays AND Fridays!

a daily comic strip about friendship, love, and other things that give us anxiety.

A dark drama about awful people, abuse of the sick and vulnerable, and mental health. CW: mental illness, suicide, abuse, violence, trauma, bigotry, substance abuse, and nudity.


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