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Hiya! Despite my being Ochitsukanai, no one likes typing that, so now I am Ochi.

Here are some trolls and dinosaurs I have drawn.
This is India ink, brushes, pastels, and Prisma pencil for Harkovast.
This Equius is inked with Prisma fineliners and colored digitally.
This Equius is inked with Prisma fineliners and colored with markers.
This is evidence that I forgot what Gamzee horns looked like.
All these stylish dinosaurs were inked and colored digitally, as were these and these.

Comics By Ochitsukanai

  • Fantasy |
  • 10 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
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A short story about wishes and a lonely woman's revenge. Fully inked, colored, and completed.
  • Fantasy |
  • 31 pages |
  • last: Oct. 1 2011 |
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You don't have to read "Mystery Bread" to read this repository of pages. Please enjoy them. Also, Niccea's 24 hour comic challenge.

Comics Assisted By Ochitsukanai

  • Fantasy |
  • 75 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
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Pantropolis is a bustling city with ordinary people and peculiar villains. Where else can you find a man that constantly yells and a devil's food cake that murders? But now, the town's mascot, Mystery Bread, faces a new, dreaded enemy...mold.

Comics Recomended By Ochitsukanai

Guinea pigs from outer space travel to 19th Century Russia!

Well, if you thought you were the last person alive wouldn't you have taken off all your clothes and then run around? I thought so.

Oct. 30, 2151... Devil's Night. Vandalism in the age of nanotechnology is complicated, but the Assemblers are up to the task.

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Ironscarf at 5:43AM, July 10, 2010

Hope you'll find time to do some comics again someday; gallery stuff looks great! :)

Survival Artist at 7:43PM, Oct. 16, 2009

You know you're right... this judge is a conservative prick!

Kahlan_Brightblade at 8:49AM, Oct. 16, 2009

Hello.. I believe we know each other in real life . Sorry to hear about your computer, it bites that someone took it .

Survival Artist at 7:01PM, Oct. 4, 2009

Thanks again for your support of my humble unknown comic!

that kid yellow at 5:24PM, Sept. 12, 2009

hey thnks for the add...if you like action and monsters stop by my comic Dome Busta. The art and coloring is awesome!!!!!!!. thnks again

soulcelshade at 4:45PM, March 20, 2009


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