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I'm one of the weirdest people you will ever meet. It is true, you can ask XeaRi. Well I can be totaly awsome sometimes and if i want a weird type of funny.

Anyway I draw as a hobby and for fun. Make it work and then it gets boring. Computers are awsome.

I have 4 cats, a dog and a bunch of fish. I had a frog but he died. Oh and I am engaged to a piller at my L.I.T camp. I was engaged to a wall(who I named George), but we brock it off cuz I left that school and we both new it wouldn't work out.

Any thats a little about me.

Oh and I'm working on a comic but its gonna take a while(cuz I can't make up plots and stories and I have to do it myself.).

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Is a story of a teen-boy who has to save the world. Thats all i'm saying so its not spoiled.

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There are 2Masters in this world, both of them have the powers to move heaven and earth, and they fight each other over the right to rule the world, humans under them must choose one to follow...

A medieval knight and a Japanese ninja are forced to share an apartment in modern America. Can they achieve their missions without destroying each other?

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{STORY \ Bruno Cotting {ILLUST \ Viviane {READING \ from left ---> to right [occidental] {GENRE \ Mystery, Thriller

A human girl is taken to the planet of Kenah, turned into a Dragon, and given a destiny to fulfil. It seems to involve a lot of colourful magic, people supporting a rebel Dragon, and pirates who trip while flying. All she wants is to get back home.

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XeaRi at 3:19PM, July 11, 2007

WHEE I gotted your first comment! xD Yes, weird indeed. You've been engaged to what, 3 objects now?

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