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Who are you?
-Eh, just a random finn. ^^''' A spriter and such…
How old are you?
- At the moment? 16. One hundred years in future? 116.
… You sure?
… Right.
-That's what mom said when she saw me :D
… Back off already.
-Aww, ok…
So, current status as a member or society?
-A student.
And on love-love things?
-… 'cuse me?
Favorite games?
-Hmm.. Rockman games (mostly Zero ones!), Metroids, Sonic is always nice to play..
Favorite animes/mangas?
-Fullmetal Alchemist, Hunter X Hunter, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne.. There's kinda lots of 'em.
Then, what is your favorite charater?
-Geez… I like Enzan, but currently, Killua from HxH is the best. ^o^

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We are now living year 2075.. Technology has developed along with mankind. But mankinds intelligence... has not been developed. Many years now wars have been raging on this blue planet.. That's why I am entering this game, that will take me far away..

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