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Here to make comics and have fun : D my main endeavor is Cupidity with art by the wonderful Jelleh. Hope you enjoy!

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The Ransei region has been locked in a never ending battle for generations. Warriors and Pokemon alike have fallen as lords come and go, all striving for the ultimate prize of ruling every kingdom in Ransei...a once noble goal that has become warped with blood and a lust for total control over every beast and man in the kingdom. Based on a blind Nuzlocke run of this game. Please DO NOT give spoilers in the comments as I am currently still playing the game. Thanks : D Rules If a Pokemon faints in battle it is no longer useable. The above rule is null and void if the game does not allow the death of said Pokemon. If a warrior loses all Pokemon available to them said warrior is no longer allowed to be used. The above rule is null and void if the game does not allow the retirement of said warrior. Try not to cry

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The magic of love. Somehow it became a baby boy with rosy cheeks and a diaper. The trigger happy little brat flies around shooting people in the ass and making sure they meet their true love. That one person out there in the world who is meant for them; everyone has one, a person just waiting to meet them. What a load of bull. True love isn't a right, it's a privilege. But who would want to believe that a bureaucratic office was devoted to managing a karmic system of checks and balances all to decide who was allowed that magical soul mate? Not nearly as romantic as an incontinent baby. Cupid works in a way that fits well with the norms of the current century; sex. The charming man woos those that have earned the honor of finding their true love and after a one night stand it's only a matter of time before they meet up with their soul mate. When his current mark doesn't immediately fall for his advances he continues to pursue. First in the name of his job, then out of his own insatiable curiosity.

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