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hey guys its SuperFawful9000 here.i just recently join here and so i might make a pokemon comic (it may take a while becuase this is my first time actually using sprites and some other stuff)

i love pokemon (duh),mario,megaman,and sonic games.not to mention im a HUGE fan of the pheonix wright games,especially Apollo Justice ace attorney :D

who knows how i might be well known here at DD.

also check out my youtube channel:

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Eh, Vegi encouraged me to make a comic with my drawings, so I thought, "Why not?"

While other gods on Mt. Olympus are known to be beautiful and laid back, Hephaestus is more humble in appearance and works his hands to the bone. However, that is not to say that the god of crafting and fire doesn't have any interesting tales...


An adventure with an 16 1/2 afro teen that is way different than your generic Pokemanz game.

Warning: Comic Contains Spoilers. This comic is an overall parody of the entire storyline of the video game, Persona 3. Follow the MC's life both personally and professionally. Hope you enjoy it.

Follow up to the wildly successful Persona 3 FTW, follow the Protagonist and his friends as they solve a serial homicide case in their small town. Much like P3FTW this comic DOES CONTAIN SPOILERS! You have been warned.

Some children from Kanto are chosen by Prof. Oak to learn about pokemon strategies so they can prepare for being a trainer. The result of this is... TEH POKEMANZ ACADEMY! I'm accepting cameos if anyone wants to.

Ever wondered what Red did on his way to Mt.Silver in the Gen II Pokemon games well I'll tell you what

Green and Yellow have gone missing! And Red and Blue are they only two pokedex holders who can save them with the help of Pika! Can they do it in time? Before the master of nightmares finishes them off?

Join May, a beginning trainer, and her two new friends, Hayley and Taylor, as they travel through the Kanto region in hopes of May fulfilling her dream of becoming a Pokemon Coordinator Master!

A thrilling story of an ambitious trainer and his non- Pokemon partner as they must save the Pokemon world from chaos.

Meet Curtis, a ordinary kid. Well, at least HE thinks so. He trains with his young Tryouge everyday in dreams of being the next Pokemon Gladiator champion! What is a Pokemon Gladiator champion you ask? Read and find out!

With his father dead and his mother gone crazy. Kale decides to leave his "well" of a home and make something out of himself.

I once had this comic post guest comics for 4 years straight, that's how good I am at this comic thing WICKED

Our hero here is Blaze Justice... The story begins as he is in the midst of the school's final examination to be a top trainer. While his friends Dana Clyne and Jake Bryne. Will he be able to pass his test and move onto the world of Poke'mon adventures??!

the adventure of a boy trying to find the answers

It's a peaceful time in the pokémon world, but everything falls out of balance when runes are discovered in the Ruins of Alph.Follow our hero as he discovers the secrets behind the pokémon world in a crazy adventure.

A comic setup like pokemon Red and Blue, with some minor changes

Tai must decide if he should believe Celebi, save his friend Tyson, or fufill his dream. Enjoy

Red in the story of Pokemon Ruby.

just the story of Red in Pokemon RubyRed before moving to Hoenn

Follow Brendan in the all new world of Hoenn with all new characters and plots. This comic will update Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays with updates when I feel like it on weekends.

Crimson has just left his hometown of One Island so he may travel across Kanto. But during his journey, he meets a mysterious foreigner called Shades and discovers a group of deadly trainers called the 4 Jesters.

Do you remember the old Pokemon Town? Well its back and this time for good!


Pokemon comic with a difference. Shaun and Matt are 2 humans who find a device that allows them to travel between Earth and the Pokemon World... or it would, if Shaun hadn't broken it - Contains strong language -Updated randomly, but at least once a week

After six years from the events of Pokemon Emerald, a new enemy has rised to control the world.A young wannabe trainer named Ace gets involved in the mystery.Will he be able to defeat the enemy?Or will darkness dominate the world?

Join the adventures of Red presented to you by Professor Dolphin. Fun fun fun awaits *levels of fun may vary*

The Kuzunoha name has been passed down for generations. But when a sudden tragedy befalls the 18th Raidou everything falls onto the shoulders of a high school screw-up named Johei. Is he really worthy of being Raidou Kuzunoha the 19th?

Mario battles Master hand... and ends up in the adventure of his life! He shall meet new friends, and find old ones. And together... They will defeat Master Hand!

A telling of the game Sonic Heroes, but from what thoughts I had from playing the game for the first time...

A high school girl reluctantly agrees to help save her peers from stress, depression, and anxiety by going into worlds inside their souls and defeating their inner demons with the power of music.

Not Telling because that would give away the story ;) Read it to find out


USB - Unlimited simulated body Set in the year 2100. Join Josh, River and Wade as they live their lives in the technilogicly advanced future where everyone owns an artifialy inteligent USB (not a pokemon comic) (contains stong language)

Yoshi travelling to different worlds and getting into different kinds of trouble and adventures. :) Its certainly something to witness. Catch up with him and all who happen to cross his path. :)


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