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I like to read good comics, not much else is relevant. But here's one relevant thing: Go and read Xatiav's Für Octavia. Just go.

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Alicka and her little brother Winston are sent to Winkerkill Boarding School. The number one dumping ground of unwanted troubled teens. A miniature Gormenghast filled with bad seeds and black sheep.

A small hidden world, and its Dragon deity, are threatened with destruction. Its up to a small band of forgotten heroes, to stand, and defend the world against impossible odds, while, re-discovering the lost heroes within themselves. Fantasy/action sci-fi

A reboot to "Memories from Requiem", with an additional timeline. The story follows Octavia and her travel in a world that was never hers, to find a way to finally defeat her mother, the sinister Midnight Witch, to free herself.

In an alternate reality, the civil war continues. Jerimiah Claw,...deserter, Mercenary, Warlock, Gun for hire, roams the lands, seeking forgivness for his sins. Sins, that the monstrosities of this dark world, wish to silence forever. A Lovcraft Western.

The dark story of the romance between the last child of the Moon and the daughter of Inari, within the Silence of a world bloodstained by Gods and ruled by an order, the Order of Riversky. Follow the story of Hakka Hatsura in her journey within the "Sphere", the Ahriman, as she seeks for her past and for her future.

Haunting dreams of an assassination, becoming a fugitive of the church he used to serve, and fragments of a broken past leading him down a path of further insanity. This is not a very good year for Sephero Godphrey. Where will his path take him?

The Ends is a story about a man who awakens in a world where time itself is unraveling. He must journey through a surreal world filled with strange creatures and haunted machines to find the only thing he still remembers: the woman he loved.

A tale about a land split into pieces by five gods and how the inhabitants survive. War, love, and hopefully fun adventure. =] Meant to be generally good natured, however there is adult subject matter, graphic swearing and violence. Updated every monday.


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