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Hi, My name is Rebecca, but all my friends call me: Becca, Bex, Bec or Becky. Take your pick. I'm currently living in Australia, Victoria and I'm looking for a boyrfriend. I have obsessions with Manga, Anime and Sonic. I like cameos and I have a bad habit of changing comics all the time. I have short brown hair with a side fringe with blue eyes. I used to have long hair but got it cut. My next holiday is going to be in Jan and I'm going to Hamilton Island. My best friends on DD are: Jayden2305, G Xon, Author_AD and all my top's down in the friends section. I love comics and I hope you get the chance to read mine. Love yous all,

PS: My old account:
I think i got hacked but i can't get into my account. I'm so sorry guys :(

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Author AD at 7:00AM, Feb. 18, 2010

Hai Bechan, nice DD name =P

Jayden2305 at 9:57PM, Feb. 16, 2010

Hey Becca! Did you try the forget your password thing?

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