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My name is James R Lemons III aka The Star Warrior. I'm going to try to tell you as much about myself as I can without having some pervert tracking me down and knocking on my door or finding myself up to my arm pits in SPAM. First off let's start with the obvious. I'm a writer/cartoonist. I'm very skilled in writing stories about personal struggle, scions fiction, and romance. Hey just because I'm a guy doesn't mean I can't be romantic. I have just now gotten good enough to where I can draw and right a half way descent web comic so it may look a little choppy as the comic first starts off but that's normally the case with all web comics. Now for the not so obvious, I have a disability called autism or aspersers. I'm very good at controlling it however. If you were to talk to me face to face you would not know I was disabled. The only way you can tell that I have autism is by my stutter or stammer and the fact that my grammar is really pore. You might have noticed that while you were reading this self description. So far I have come up with a vast number of stories, aliens, and characters ironically thanks to my disability. Most of these stories is part of an ongoing series called Legends of the Star Warriors, which well will get back to in a second, while others are part of experimental short stories such as Wagoozy, Runaways, and Star Conicals which is an RPG game that I'm a co writer for. Rasmot is really the brains behind this RPG sight.

Now about my pride and joy, Star Warriors. I have been working on LSW aka Legends of the Star Warriors for about 11 years now. My inspiration for the story came from Star Wars, Star Trek, Star Gate, Battle Star, (That's a lot of Stars) Lord of the Rings, Narnia, Marvel, and DC comics. If you have read some of my other short stories or comics you will notice that LSW is kind of a mix between Star Wars and HBO soap opera. Star Warriors is about a group of Christians space knights that travel across the galaxy protecting God's people, "Witch consist of everyone." There are over a hundred different stories about the Star Warriors (I've only had time to write down a small hand full of them) Each story takes place during a different time period with at least 4 different main characters to fallow. (I'm going to be very busy writing these story's out for the next fifty years ^^; ) Needless to say LSW is a massive epic bunch of stories that is continuing to grow each day. I just need to get around too writing them all down.

Well to keep from wearing you out and because I'm kind of short on time I'll go ahead and cut this off here. If there is anything you would like to know about me all you have to do is ask. I normally post comics once a week but I visit the site every day and should have no trouble getting back to you with any question you ask.

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There are many stories behind the Star Warriors. The Star Warriors are a band of space knights that go around the galaxy protecting god's people, which consists of everyone under the stars. To help them achieve this, the Star Warriors are able to control
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