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Okay guys… pretty simple, I am Rafael Villodas, Jr.
I was born in New York City, in one of the places known as part of the Five Burroughs. Five different families… but all of them are one BIG family. The Bronx. After I was born, 1 1/2 years passed through, and I moved to Puerto Rico, where I would spend 22 1/2 years of my life. I thank God though, because I would have never experienced what anime was, until I was old enough, to buy my own anime flicks, and, like many people, I would have had to wait, until Voltron made it's first appearance into our TV stations, by way of World Events Prod. Well, being ahead of many… I tasted anime, and classic all-american cartoons… And, by the age of 21, I began making my own characters. Some of them, I have them in my own personal vault… and maybe I will bring them out, someday, if God allows me to do so, in His Perfect Will.
Well, it wasn't until two years ago, when I met with my friends, Deric and Lanny Torres, that I had fully got in the flow of drawing characters, that some people would really love. My latest series, “Ageyban, Cacique de Hierro”, is a faithful withness to what I am saying, as God is my witness of the many things I have embarked on. Well, it got me to really put my mind into creating something I wanted to do, besides being a soldier, and a christian, to top the icing of this cake.

It takes a lot of trials and tribulations… but, life is all about getting up, and getting up, ready to take more hits. They make you stronger, wiser, smarter.

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A comic, inspired by my own ethnic background utilizing aspects of Puerto Rican history, and one of the main characters is a Huge Mecha, that looks just like one legendary Cacique or chief Agüeybaná of the Taíno natives of Puerto Rico, or Borikén as the Island was known in the pre-Columbus era.

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