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Well, I'm Valeria Morris a.k.a. on the Web as Morrigan (my passport says a bit different thing, but I prefer the original, un-cyrilized version of the surname), glad to meet you, ladies and gentlemen. ^_^ I'm a stereotypical 21-years-old Russia-born Jewish girl of Scottish Gaelic descent - therefore, I embrace a LOT of stereotypes in myself, and some of them've mixed up pretty wrong, turning me into a bookish glasses-wearing, hardly-ever-eating, over-educated and veeeeeerrry sarcastic little being, obsessed by bladed weapons and fine arts. ^_~

My #1 obsession, though, is Early Modern history in general and Jacobite Rebellions in particular. Yep, I know you've already noticed.

Been writing poetry since the age of 3, drawing in ink - since the age of 6, and now half the way to my lawyer diploma - life's got it's strange ways. T_T' (Yeah, Mr. Gordon is actually a Mary-Sue, so beware. ^_^)

I'm a Christian, an individualist anarchist FOR private property and free market, an enthusiastic listener of metal, folk and classic rock (Jethro Tull FOREVER, yay!) and a manga reader completely indifferent to anime.

I speak Russian (obviously), English (I suppose it's actually AmE I've been taught, isn't it?) and French (though much less fluent than the previous two), and currently am learning Scottish Gaelic.

Firstly, it's plain BEAUTIFUL.

And secondly, my ancestors have spoken it for centuries - so why should I not during me own little life?..

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Set in the 1750s, this story follows the sinister aftermath of the last Jacobite Rebellion and tells a thoroughly researched tale of secret diplomacy, bloodshed and fine arts. Monstrosities; madness; many a pretty face... and the BLOODY REBEL FOLK music.

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The Derkomai at 8:15PM, Jan. 8, 2009

You seem to have added me as a friend... Thank you ^_____^

Artificer Urza at 6:13AM, Jan. 7, 2009

Nice to meet you. I hope you continue to enjoy Anathema.

HyenaHell at 11:26AM, Jan. 6, 2009

Thanks for the add! And Russian, eh? Color me smitten. It's my weakness. (Uh, I mean that in the least-stalkerish way possible.) I love history too- late Antiquity to Proto-Renaissance being my area. Anyway, just sayin' hi, and love the comic!

draconia11 at 9:27AM, Jan. 6, 2009

hey, that's cool that you speak Russian! I like your comic. I'll definitely keep a watch out for it! XD

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