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Vig Starmax is a mild mannered Principal/Co-Director of a preschool by day and a not-so-mild-mannered graphic designer by night.

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Hocusha, Sorceress for Hire. Very helpful but expects monetary rewards. A girl gots to eat, you know.

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Webcomic All-Stars to the Rescue! Starring A.N.T, Dasien, Dead Debbie, Lightbringer, and Mindmistress! They team up to face the evil CROSSOVERLORD!

Deadfingers is a story about an indigenous girl and her tribe, struggling to salvage its independence from the imperialistic mainland. Features magic, knife fights, guns, robots and everything else you'll find in the alternate universe.

Hocusha, Sorceress for Hire. Very helpful but expects monetary rewards. A girl gots to eat, you know.

The story of Par'jah, an Illuminia, or holy guardian, who's occupation is to protect the population of Tarja Perish from the dark beasts that rise from the depths, snatching the souls of children for the Black Master.

humanity fights it's last global war to decide wish evolutionary road will follow ... Darkness or Light , in this scenario a mysterious woman become a new messiah

The life of Tara of Behlemen

A quiet young man decides to become a masked crime fighting avenger for real. will people understand? will they care? what will the local police make of it all? Find out in this superdeformed crime story


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Abt_Nihil at 5:33AM, March 14, 2010

Thanks a lot for adding me. Your work is amazing!

Crimsonskystudio at 1:37AM, March 8, 2010

Thanks for the add. Hocusha is great

LOOKIS at 10:19AM, Feb. 24, 2010

Thanks for the friend add. Hocusha is superb!!!

Peipei at 3:43AM, Feb. 5, 2010

Thanks for the add ^^ I love your comic so far :3

Dextra at 8:45PM, Jan. 31, 2010

Thanks for adding me as a friend! I love Hocusha, can't wait to see more. :)

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