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“Wingspread Creations” is the overall umbrella of stuff (Music, Films, Games, Illustrations, etc.) made by me: George R. Powell.

While I have been a musician since 1986 and a composer since 1995 (having spent a good 12 years composing music for different indie games and films), I'd always wanted to be a filmmaker.

Of course, as these things go, that didn't quite happen (at least not yet, anyway). However, that hasn't stopped me from wanting to develop my ideas through more accessible media (screenplays mostly, although I've attempted some game projects). In the latter portion of 2018, I decided to once again try my hand at illustration (knowing that - despite some research and practice into drawing manga in my 20s going very poorly, since I wasn't really “inclined” to drawing - it was going to be a long journey to un-suck at it). Thus, Ray Glider was born - a character I created originally planning to be a game mascot until I got so caught up in drawing a comic to accompany the game that I found it much more enjoyable just to keep that format.

Fast forward to my signing up here (in early January 2020), and while I have a long way to go, I also have a long trail behind me to show that my work has gotten a bit better since I'd started a bit over a year prior.

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Set in an alternate 1940s, reformed sugar-glider thief Ray Glider is conscripted as a government spy to follow a shipment of stolen materials to their mysterious buyer, and to find out why Ray's brother is working with him...

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