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God its been quite a few years since I last logged in, but obviously that didnt keep me from keeping up with a comic or two, but alas looking back at what my friends have made and what their styles have evolved into, its just… incredible, just purely incredible… heh, I never really did much here, but its still a memory I shall cherish until the day I die :T of course I'm only 17 and still have a looooooooong way to go before being dead and such C: 
*old info*
Yo I'm World 9-2 Productions
I like video games, art, and anime
I mainly use deviant art for my stuff, but I have also been there for almost a year now… so yeeeeaaaaa… :D
all my accounts:
and thats it…
P.S. I know Azeth from school, same with Taurocks XD
another side note… wait wtf am I doing here again? XD I may update but only a bit
I'm here for Haus ;D

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Me miniking Azeth digital style but with my own twist. yes I know him in real life :D

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What happens when three artistic teenagers challenge the gaming world of Valve? Absolute Destruction!!!! See the Misadventures of Max, Connor, and Will as they fight to survive in the harsh feild of online Battle! There is only War...

You're probably thinking "Oh god not another autobiography comic", but you're wrong. This comic has three authors, an angry fictional character named Yuri, and Senor Taco. That makes it pure awesome. The brother-comic of Taurocks's Clogged Valve.

Johnny is a comic about a small, knife-weilding person named Johnny (duh). It may look like a JTHM rip-off at first, but it is a far cry from such a thing. It's actually kinda funny. Updates on Friday.

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