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Hello I am Teodor N.K. a.k.a. Worldtaker, TKalamov, Spiro and hundreds of other names. I am a big fan of WoW, Ive been playing it since 2004, I have a lvl 80 paladin and rogue. Both named Teodor, only the rogue is with two rs. I have a comic A Rogue with two sides and I partially support through MSN the comic Cru the Dwarf by giving ideas. You can ask Cru yourselves if you dont believe me. Now to show my appretiation to all of Drunk Duck I wish you, not to lose control, when making comics. Madness!)

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A new webcomic by the probably long-forgotten creator of A Rogue with Two Sides.

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The misadventures of Cru, a demented dwarf with a questionable grasp on reality and a penchant for perviness.

A world of wacraft webcomic that follows a troublesome,slightly perverted and annoying gnome mage named Quinn and his trusty priestess Uni as they go for a quest, searching for a cure for the plague. Contains humor, danger and hopefully so much more =]

A World of Warcraft comic. This story is about a Tauren named Thron and the funny adventures he experiences.

Zieromus just wants some sleep. But nooooo, the target of assassination attempts, child support scandals, and assailed by decay of the world (of Warcraft), the Warlock is constantly in peril. No rest for the charmingly antiheroic, I suppose.

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