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Hi all,

few things about me…

Favorite videogame is Okami…absolutely one of the most beautiful and enjoyable games out today. Did I mention you play as a god in the form of a wolf.

Favorite movie is an old Disney movie called Never Cry Wolf…odd wolf theme going on here. Just a wonderful and spiritual piece of cinema.

College Junkie with two Bachelors degrees in art. Attend the Joe Kubert cartoon school for about 3 months and learned I suck at drawing super hero comics.

Favorite comic book or manga is Masumune Shirows Appleseed. Tied with that series is the Akira Manga.
For American comics I would have to go with Top Cows Rising Stars…loved that series.

As for my comic Godlings…I just wrote the kind of story I would like to see more of in comics. Godlings is my personal opus for the time being and cant wait to have people see it on Drunk Duck…so check it out for me if you havent. Please:)
thanks to all for reading all this stuff and take care

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A young God, Boomer, does not want to be a god anymore...he wants to choose his own destiny. His crusade for freedom takes him down a path of self discovery and what being free really means in the concept of life and ones own sense of self.

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Not too far from now, the demons of the biblical apocalypse rise forth from the bowels of Hell to reclaim a world that was once theirs. The demonic uprising threatens humanity's very existence... however, the demons may also be humanity's last hope...

A dark tale of love, betrayal, rage, pain and loss. Contains adult language, adult situations (nudity, sexual situations) and violence. Not currently being updated after loss of computer and files.

A small hidden world, and its Dragon deity, are threatened with destruction. Its up to a small band of forgotten heroes, to stand, and defend the world against impossible odds, while, re-discovering the lost heroes within themselves. Fantasy/action sci-fi

Five samurai. One quest for awesomeness. Many dead ninjas. Ninja Shizatch, the animated, interactive webcomic.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, society is shattered into factions and all live in fear of a second alien invasion. Wren and his team fight to unite the earth against its real enemy: fear itself.

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