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Vahn began his cartooning career in 2008 when his first cartoon DUDE's was published in the school paper while he was attending college. Although he withdrew from college for persona reasons his cartooning career blossomed into a full blown interest in comic art.

From that point on Vahn read comics, manga, graphic novels. and comic strips. He studied other comic artists' crafts, learning tricks of the trade.

He developed his own techniques and created his own cartooning style based on a blend of Western Comic Strips and Cartooning Styles and Japanese Manga Styles.

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CHE!! © is a story about a young man named Ernesto and his pregnant girlfriend Lydia. The story represents a young man stepping up to the plate after he made an error in judgment. But Ernesto comes from a broken home himself and Lydia is the daughter of a former teenage mother and her father is never around.

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A romance drama about two separate lives forced to work together. Rio, a high school student, is madly in love with the girl of his dreams but is too scared to tell her how he feels. When his life is cut short, he misses the opportunity and isn't ready to move on. The only person who can help him crossover is Yoru- the one who receives Rio's heart from a heart transplant. Feelings become complicated when Yoru encounters Rio's crush. Is it really the heart that loves or the person owning the heart?

Savannah is a cat and she runs away from home to go on little cat adventures:3 (Updates: Monday and Thursday)

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