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In the depths of the Fire Palace, rotting skulls haunt the webs of the wicked flame spiders, and a captured warrior, by the name of Cherrycake, of the Water Kindom is forced by the Flame King to doodle comics, or else, his head is promised off.

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The dimension of Cherrybomb, where cherries explode and magic crystals glow, follow the mallot whacking Duck, the cherry throwing Flame, and the magic weilding Sapphire and their adventures.

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A random set of musings and comments on life stuffed into little fluffy things. Warning! Somewhat [VERY] nerdy... Updates weekly on Wednesdays

Hi. My name is Nathaniel, and I'm the crown prince of a place you'd probably never heard of called Farthenwood. This is a webcomic about me. Along with all my friends and subjects. But wait ... webcomics haven't been invented yet?

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