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Divvi: a friend of jolt he bothered me to insanity so i have a drunk duck account… and an overpowering urge to put ketchup on my chest and say, "anyone wanna buy a pace maker"

actually me and jolt annoy each other. when we don't have any physical contact and talk through typing we get along fine. now me and jolt work together making comics. he has the neccesary computer application to make comics and i have the dark sense of humor.

we usually toss comic ideas back and forth till we come up with something good. i care about jolts imput not only because he is my friend. he knows when things are funny… and if i made him mad i would have to rely on complete imbeciles to sprite the comic and everyone knows how stupid they are.

Jolt: A Sprite Artist that has been around for awhile. Divvi and I are very different. If we were going to see a movie, I'd choose a drama, he'd choose a comedy, I'd choose a science-fiction, he'd choose a horror. It really seems that we have nothing in common, but that's not true. We have the same passion for Video Games. The difference between us is probably the reason why were such a good team ^-^

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A comic about nothing... NOTHING BUT FILLERS!

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A comic about a story that was written by Jolt. This story has gotten out of hand And it became a game. We had 4 Continues in this game... but that was long ago. Now, we have just used our last one. Now Jolt along with several allys must save the world.

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