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Hiya! My name is Kyle (really)
Age: IM 14 NOW!!!(really)
Occupation:dont got one!!!(FREELOADER)
Likes:Sesame chicken,sonic, mario, legend of zelda, PRINCESS PEACH<3!!!!!!!!,1337…among other things,*Megaman(Rockman), *Bass=Base(Forte),**Roll,**Guts,**Plant,**Colonel,**Proto(Blues),**Shadowman,**Cut,falzer, Gregor,Falzer Mega,Gregeor Mega,***Zero====>>>*=.EXE and original,**.EXE only,*** Megaman Zero and .EXE
Pairing i like: SonicxRouge,KnucklesxRouge,TailsxCream,TikalxChaos,marioxPeach,BowserxPeach(im twisted),PeachxMe,BassxRoll(.EXE and original)
Pairings i hate:Sonamy,Shadamy,Sonadow,Sails,Sonuckles,Shadails,all Yaoi parings,some Yuri pairings

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Click here to feed me a Rare Candy!
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Click here to feed me a Rare Candy!
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Comics By kayman

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On the continent of Gerupa, the youngest country, Pervisum, has united the other countries under their rule. Peace has reigned for centuries. But nothing lasts forever.
  • Fantasy |
  • 19 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
my pictures.

Comics Assisted By kayman

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Nations wage war. Blood is spilled at every turn. The world is plunged into chaos. All over a single stone...

Comics Recomended By kayman

Luigi has decided to leave the shadow of his brother and make his own story.

For years badnicks have been thrown into battle time and time again. Abd finally one group of badnicks isn't going to take iit anymore. THEY WILL FIGHT BACK! Or at lest try...

Based on (but does not entirely follow the story of) the anime Death Note. Expect sprited blood.


Pre-Maverick Wars events according to Worenx.

no description

After a meteor Crashes near Chaz's house a Strange blue Crystal is found and suddenly a string of mysterious events begin to happen! Name of comic Was thourght up by Himo Galanodel of Thanks! WARNING: Contains swearing...but not a

Hi I'm Carly, and for some reason I scare the Buh-Jeezus outta people! Not intensionally, they just think I'm weird. But I'm a really nice normal person. With lots and lots of friends! Lots of 'em, yup, lots. Who? Um, people too important to tell you

Espio Gaiden is a series I made up which combines two of my favorite game series together, Sonic and Ninja Gaiden. This series is a spin-off to Sonic Unreal and stars Espio the Chameleon.

Brought to you by the FOX network, it's Feeling Rushed!! Starring Sonimy and Shadow.

A comic following the adventures of General Guy after his Toy Box is destroyed.

Full of smarty art/ninja chick action, join paige on her misadventures as she tries to survive her new and unusual art school, The Kannon Institute of Art and Design...

Kingdom Hearts and Mario Kart Together

Knuckles has to look for the Master Emerald shards again only this time they're in different dimensions

Life's been tough for Blaze. She's had to seal a being of pure destruction in herself, and then seal HERSELF in another dimension. When she's given a way out and back to our world, things...get interesting. This is her story. This is her legacy.

A silly comic about Mario and Luigi's "real" jobs as plumbers.

Megaman is in Grave danger... All the baddies come back from thier deletions and all team up on Mega.. Will Lan,Mega,and thier friends survive the horrible twist, or will they all suffer? Find out by watching the comic!

A group known as the DEVASTATORS are causing havok on the net. Lan and company now have to fight against Cybeasts and viruses alike. What are these navi's goals and is there any connection to the new guy in Cyber City?

Basically just screenshots of the anime and some lines to completely screw it up. Might contain mild sexual references.

The Story Of how everything in Zx started. 60 years before Zx, 140 years after Zero

This story starts as Zero Dies at Ragornot...

As a mysterious voice haunts Zero, he transforms from a hero into a maniac. When he comes back to his senses it maybe too late.

a MMZ comic. you can say MMZ5 if you want

One year after the death of Wiel, Zero has vanished, leaving the newly reconstructed Elpizo and the 3 Guardians to fight a new evil in his absence.

what happens when the beloved hero of the mushroom kingdom is murdered, and some one is hired to find out who did it.

my pictures.

Set in an alternate universe with famous heroes and super-villans, a group of the strongest set out on what may be one of the most epic sprite comics ever!

No, the second Gaiden is not a mistake, Gaiden is Japanese for Side-story, so this is the side-story of Ninja Gaiden which means Ninja Side-story, thus this means Ninja Side-story's Side-story! I know it's confusing :P

The Legacy of a hero that is fighting to save the universe. Whether he wants to or not.

A sprite comic based on Fire Emblem (7). The travels and adventures of a dysfunctional group of fighters.

A collection of random moments on fire emblem.

After the return of Cackletta, Mario and Luigi learn of an ancient legend about a race of Toadstools known as the Starmakers. They must gather relics left behind in order to stop Cackletta's unknown plans. Updates Sunday and Wednesday.

A kirby comic about 5 unlikly friends and a stupid sherbet loving freak! (Main character is the mudkip kirby: Shadic

A Sonic style comic involving death, gods, magic powers and the like, as well as anime and video game characters Sonicfied. Enjoy?

A SSB comic like no other :D

Sonic,Knuckles,and friends on their new moronic adventures!!

Shis Boom Ba! Prepare for one Crazy adventure.

Sonic's on college... WITH SHADOW AS HIS ROOMMATE?! (this story is not in Another Sonic Comic's Storyline)

Sonic and Tails wonder what it would be like to enter the world of a game. Unfortunately, they picked the wrong one...

Sonic and friends get sent to the Megaman universe. Dr.Eggman follows them and teams up with Dr.Wily. Now Megaman and Sonic must team up to defeat the doctors and everyday life.

Sonic and Pokemon- clashed together!

Take one happy-go-lucky hedgehog, an disgruntled emerald guardian, an ex-weapon of mass destruction and put them in the same house as a fox that makes giant robots in his spare time. You'll see clone armies, vampire girlfriends and stanist weddings. Fun.

Because my site's ftp is being a jerk. So I am uploading my fan comics of Sonic the Hedgehog series. I hope it's not against the rules here or anything...

It's simply Sonic the Hedgehog... only funnier :P

This isn't a Sonic comic aimed at the kids, it contains Sonic in ways that could never happen in the games. It's filled with adult language, sexual situations and violence. You never do know whats going to happen next in the world of Sonic Unreal.

no description

This comic is for when I want to show my sprite creations! So yeah, I'm sharing from odd sprites, to real eyecatchers!

SolarSun, a new senshi, and the rest of the original senshi (plus a few more) have to deal with evil and random strangeness in the sprite world! Inu Yasha and Vash the Stampede are along for the ride!

A codemic story which features Shadowman trying to teach ninjitsu... watch what happens...

This story-line picks up were MMZ4 left off.

Saria makes an attempt to create her own sprite world only things don't go as planned......

You've seen the comics now see what the author does in his free time

After Gamma's death, he was re-built. He escaped, and continued his final mission...

People trapped in a video game fighting for their life. sprite comic fire emblem style

An online game appears out of the blue known as The Game. Using 3D virtual reality software, the players gain a new kind of control to the video game. Millions of players begin to join from all over the world. And with this many players comes problems.

lets see the adventures of the exiled dream land knight

Life is like a video game. Play hard. Win big.

This is about a male Kirby named Calvin who likes to dance. His friends think dancing is for girly-girls, so he hides his secret identidy and hopes to change his name to Nicholas if he gets famous.

Three dimentions, Two sorcerers, One world. A random Sonic comic that isnt very random at all

What happens whent he ones you trust, turn on you?

It's between tournaments, so Ken and Ryu have nothing to do except try to pick up the ladies. While they may not be as young as they used to be, their adventures prove that they are still young studs!

A tale how Amy, hocked up with Rouge.


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I Am The 1337 Master at 3:29PM, Oct. 24, 2009

continue w/ the comic cus it is pretty good. :)

emerl at 1:56PM, Oct. 17, 2009

have you ever thought of starting your comic?add someone as a assistent to finsish it.ill rate 5!

emerl at 8:49PM, Oct. 16, 2009

kayman,can u PLEASE take over my comic???i suck at it!ill just make and edit sprites now.

TrentTheFox at 7:53PM, Oct. 16, 2009

Wow, I haven&#039;t commented here yet. Well,your awesome! Nice being friends with you!

emerl at 7:15PM, Oct. 16, 2009

is it ok if u take over and use some of your sprites?i have wrters block.

emerl at 4:03PM, Oct. 16, 2009

thanks for assisting my comic!im glad to be friends with u!

emerl at 3:25PM, Oct. 14, 2009

is it ok if i assist with ur sprite comic?how do i do it?thx for the add!

Dragonblaster712 at 2:06PM, Aug. 3, 2008

Thx 4 the add

Chaz McRich at 7:00PM, Feb. 28, 2008

Thanks for the add chum!

Seelinkrun11 at 4:59PM, Feb. 14, 2008

I have to agree with Will ;) And thanks for the add!!

William123 at 3:41AM, Jan. 8, 2008

Your so witty. :D

joseph123 at 6:29PM, Nov. 30, 2007

you r the best!!!

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