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So when 3 guys start pondering making a comic, its only natural that one of them gets shat on.
Hi. Im Sevan. the random black guy on the e-pages of Drunken Violence comics.
yeah, they went ahead and did it without me. they always do it together and leave me out of it. Difference between now and the other times is this time i mind!
But its all good. Im still pitching ideas and living the Drunken, Violent life (sober though) right along side of them. i think im set up to play a bit of a larger role in the site, but im not gonna get into detail less i shove a foot so far up my own ass that i taste it when i speak.
Spread us around, and keep coming back for more. Thats how the good stuff travels.

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lets be Frank. Ok. Franl doesn't think that superheroes, if they existed, would be all noble and smart. Chances are, they'd be idots and arongant pricks and overall failures. No? You don't see it? well, let hero worship show you...

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Its mostly just comics that are exaggerated versions of real life events. In some cases, EXTREMELY exaggerated.

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