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I am many things but first and foremost, I am a wife and mother. Saying that makes me feel incredibly old but it is quite true. If things occur in my family life, it effects my ability to produce any artwork or writing. I freelance as a colorist, writer, and artist but my field of study is Forensic Science/Criminal Justice.

I have about 3 other webcomics that I actively contribute to in addition to being an active roleplayer on

I like getting feedback, be it good or bad. =)

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Walking the fine line between living and dreaming, Alethea Fallen must come to grips with her brother's death before depression claims her life. Can her mother and a mysterious girl bring her back to reality before it's too late?

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The once terror of the world, the immortal wizard Darshe the Destroyer was defeated and sentenced to spiritual rehab in the body of a monk boy. Now re-awakened can he escape his clueless prison and regain his power to finish what he started?

Follow the stories of hired sword Peppermint and her friends as they travel around getting into zany adventures, many sexual! (adults only!)

Ferrah was an ordinary girl until the fateful night she was bitten by a vampire and transformed into a beast. Neither werewolf, nor vampire but both, she must face the chaos from without and within.

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