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I'm a uni student, at the University of Manchester studying Chemistry. Got a first in my first year, hopefully a good sign. =D

I'm a member of my university anime society, and I'd like to think I'm well liked there. The list of things I enjoy but suck at is endless, encompassing such things as cosplay, video games, karate, heavy drinking and the obvious comic drawing. There is also a lovely man involved somewhere, although I can't for the life of me figure out why. =P

I've quit drawing Pictures and am working on rewriting it and improving my artwork in the vain hope that it might actually be good this time.

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Martin is searching for his missing sister, but someone doesn't want him to find her. Teaming up with a bad-tempered illusionist, he fights off (runs away from) mysterious assassins and keeps trying to find that first clue. (Usually) updates Wednesdays.
  • Fantasy |
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  • last: July 7 2011 |
~~~ The original attempt at what would become In Carnate. Will not be updated again. ~~~

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The exploits of a socially-conscious weapons sales-orc on the world of Chirna.

The psychedelic fantasy action manga! Updates Sundays and Wednesdays. Groovalicious comedy with big swords, big flares and spiffy magical knights!

A young girl's latent psychic power is awakened after witnessing a death in her family.

A woman suffers a tragic death. When she awakens in a land that is beyond life but not entirely past death, she must seek a way to discover where she is and how to return to the land of the living...

Purgatory is a tower that offers a group of convicts a second chance at life, if they can survive the climb. But who built the tower, and for what purpose are they holding this "contest"? The answer lies at the top, if they can manage to reach it.

A little boy named Jamal finds himself stuck in a city that LOOKS like his home Chester but is strangely different. The question is... how did he get there? And better yet... how can he escape the...

Follow Zoe Perks and David Baker as they face the threat of the mysterious disease of lycanthropy and race for a cure. THIS STORY IS NOW FINISHED, COMPLETE!


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Chaz McRich at 3:55PM, Oct. 16, 2007

Thanks for the add chum!

FanGurlZ at 8:03AM, Aug. 18, 2007

Yeah Symphonia is awesome.

FanGurlZ at 11:20AM, Aug. 6, 2007

Because I'm shy about posting and commenting too.

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