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I have been a manga lover for very long time reading from DB to Yuyu Hakusho to SlamDunk and now to naruto, but never had any time or motivation to create one myself. 
It was just one day when I sleep I thought it would be cool that some years later I look back and I see I had done some nice work in my private time!! 
So the question is not why, but why the hell not?? 
And may be, if I'm lucky, just may be, after all these art research for the time being, I could nail a nice job?? is it how it work? No idea, but let's just say.. if you don't expect anything, and anything is possible?

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A world once ruled by magic kingdom is now divided by a myterious warlock and the wolf tribe. A boy is unknowningly thrown into the great battle between the two powers of Daishinto the dark tyrant and the wolf tribe all because he wants to find the preistess who he had once met with in his home town. On this journey he will realize that time goes fast and friends change just as fast, people who he once realized upon have grown apart from him and now are on a destructive past. Befriending new allies he must save his love and also save the world in the process.

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The story of Par'jah, an Illuminia, or holy guardian, who's occupation is to protect the population of Tarja Perish from the dark beasts that rise from the depths, snatching the souls of children for the Black Master.

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