New Year's

LilyRose on Dec. 30, 2006

Captain's Log
Stardate: Just another night on the dark side of paradise

The New Year brings us this, and that. LilyRose est moi, and moi est too bitter for words. Hence the comic. Probably intolerable to those with a less than iron constitution, and guaranteed 99% Humour-Free. Careful not to touch; poison can easily be absorbed by the skin. The glistening oil coating these dark leaves is insidious at best. I don't have pithy in my repertoire, neither have I ever been accused of whimsy. All I have to offer is pessimism, depression, and despair. I do not offer you lighthearted Demotivational posters and coffee mugs. This is not Despair Dot Com. I do not offer you pithy, nor cutsie, nor whimsical. I have nothing but a broken heart and this bitter, bitter nectar of bathos, bile, venom and rue. Partake if you will. You can have the Lime Kool-Aid, or the Cherry. The Dixie Cups are on the table; the line moves toward the left.