Anti Featured Origins #5

Locoma on March 21, 2014

Phew, I finally could update this. On top of my job eating my free time, I had to do this page twice because the first time I ripped it by accident while doing the watercolor masks, that was really frustrating, but I like how this page turned out to be. I know the count of the spots is really high and that Locoma had to be running for days to reach such destination, but maybe he knew a shortcut ;) The spot number is actually about the total amount of comics there were back in 2008 (I imagine that number increased drastically by now). The little guy on panel #2 was from an old classic from DD circa 2004: So Fantastic 9 O'Clock Pork Show, an old favorite of mine.
Also, this is update number 50! Woo *dies*