A Deviant Mind #21

houseofmuses on May 27, 2015

Whoops! I have been out for awhile, and neglected this site. A Deviant Mind has had a lot of attention over the last two months, with a local book signing, a lot of advertising, a spot in the Prism Comics Anthology for November 2015, Great Escape Comics graciously carries the graphic novels–if your comic shop doesn't have it, please ASK–a number of Kindle books, and on the main site, as we near the 25th Episode and the completion of the fifth book in the graphic novel compilations, a new chapter begins.
We've come a long way with this series since that first Featured Comic post on Drunk Duck in November, 2011. When adeviantmind.com went to a Members Only site in 2014 to allow me to pay for my site and the publication of my books (which so many of you graciously followed me in support of) I was able to set up some perks.
I have reader passes for even a pauper's budget. VIP members get extra access and perks, or you can catch up on reading for a day or two on the 25¢ Saturday Matinee pass.
I hope you'll be tempted at one point to check the series out in its entirety online at my main site. Check out the Testimonials. There is so much more to come.
A new adventure begins this week.