A wild Dorian appeared!

Kris_Nip on Aug. 10, 2012

Oh godamnitt…I just noticed some text mistakes…fuck

Looks like we have other main character finally introduced. Fucking Dorian Stoker, who looks like sucha cliche anime character.  Seriously one could probably make a good guess about what his character will lead up to.
Some how I accidently made this page flippin huge…
This took me longer than it should have. So many damn distractions. College is starting back up and I'm a little less than ready considering there are a few peices Finacial Aid shit I forgot to turn in. I also recently realized I will have to keep working my part time job through school. As I only make enough to pay rent and eat. Not enough to save up. I need a new job, somethingy that is actually artsy…
I'm thinking of trying something different with the next page art wise. Normally I hand draw it then vector it on the computer. This time I'm going to try and not vector it. Just go over it by hand on the computer. I don't know yet. I just feel a little unsatisfied. Either way I'll try something different. I need to study more comics I suppose.
In the mean time the story will build up more and more through each page as well as the characters themselves. So it might take a while to get a full understanding of the plot. Forgive my ameatuer-ness.