AWOP 21- Ohjeez.

monotypical on Oct. 14, 2007

True story.

Well, it feels really good to be back. I feel alot better about the comic as a whole and feel like I can bring it to you guys 1-2 times a week updating friday, because it is now sharing the schedule with my other comic The Adventures of Link, which updates on mondays.. Uh, there will be a new comic up this friday because this episode was the one that was supposta' be up last week (after skipping the first week of october (due to collegiate procrastination on my part) and should've really been updated on last friday, but I had no computer this weekend. :(

There should be somemore site design these next two weeks, I kinda had stopped in the middle and there should be new cast pages by friday.

(ps. I'm sorry if you don't like video game related comics, but they're a rare happening over here, so they'll only be here once in a blue moon.)