Leave them too it.

synwells on June 13, 2015

Well folks that is the end of Alandale. Ending this
web-comic has been an extremely tough decision. Mostly because I’ve been
working on it on and off since 2003. The reason for me calling time is simply
because this comic has hit a few speed bumps since last year. And yes my hectic
personal life has caused some issues with its production here and there. Even
now finding time to sit down and do the work is hard. For those of you who have
stuck it out and kept on reading, even with the god awful lack of regular
uploads, you guys are awesome and I always make a point to thank the people who
spend the time to actually read mine and half a dozen other web-comics. But
fear not. The misadventures of the people of Alandae will continue in an
all-new web-comic coming soon. So keep you’re open for that.
Once again thank you for all the support and this isn’t the
last you’ve heard from me, I promise.
See you all in the funny pages.