Filler : I loved you Guinevere, I loved you

changeweaver on Feb. 2, 2008

Don't you just hate it when webcomic artists never update their page? :“P

Uhm, actually, well I still don't have a scanner yet but I'm hoping to get one on loan from a friend so that the dreadful scanner-less situation I currently am in will be abated.

In the meantime I have also revamped the page design alittle and several more of the ‘extra’ pages should be functional. I will update for the rest of the week with filler - fanart done by friends or other old art by me as a replacement for actual updates. When I do get things fixed I will reassign the filler pages to the beginning so that there will be no interruption of the actual storyline. The current filler is an old piece done in 2006 based on King Arthur and the lines from Death Cab for Cutie's song We Laugh Indoors ~ ”I loved you Guinevere, I loved you".

I know it is horrible to look at a comic that's only two pages long and yet updating with filler! Please do accept my heartfelt apologies for it! ;_;