Chapter 2: The Valley of Water

Akki333 on Sept. 1, 2009

Ok so the Cover of Chapter 2, this one is set in the Valley of Water as you can see by the title. I`m working on a page so ill post it as soon as possible.

Stinger9: Thanks for the rating,
Dark Pascual : Trouble is ahead XD
Janen: yeah, there will be an explanation about the red premiums nd others. Mau, for example is a Red Basic, Yanjel is a Black Standard, Uroshaki is a Black High and their oldest brother is a White Premium!n_n
Oldguy85: You also have a bother? I want one as well ( am an only child T_T), wanna sell him to me????XD
Pato: hehehe, well shes in her own world, Selina dosnt mind anyone XD
Peipei: well, the next chapter is in progress XD