#1 Hiccups

pandapandapie on Aug. 25, 2006

Hello all. I just wrote this really long, cool intro thingy and my computer deleted it so now you get this much shorter, less cool one. Yay!

This is my new comic. It has the same name as my old comic but is different in every aspect except the name and author. It has new characters (who are right up there in the comic) and new stories, but still has that old school flava. Actually it doesn't have that old school flava, I just like saying that. But anyway, I wanted to take Almost Art in a new direction and couldn't do so with my old format so I started hand drawing them and using new chcaracters. I'm sorry to everyone who loved the old characters (I did too). I may bring them back some day in some sort of special comic or if this one ever hits it big, I might release a collection of all of them in book form.

But yeah. Here's the comic. It pretty much explains itself, but in case you didn't get it, the driver had the hiccups, the passenger scared him to cure them, and the driver crashed the car because he was scared. That's all there is to it.

But yeah, my update schedule will be every other sunday (unless, after a while, I think I can manage better) so check back on September 10th for a new comic. That's all!

Gabe out!