Concept Art

Luminous on July 22, 2011

Er… long time, no post.

First off, an explanation is in order. When I started posting AF several years ago, I really had only partially formed the plot. And the rewrite was still mostly just a collection of half-formed ideas. However, I do like the story I've begun to tell here, and I am working on rewriting and reworking it, and when I start posting the third - and final - version of AF, it's going to be from beginning to end, and there are going to be some changes to the story.

I'm not ready to restart the comic yet, but I will be posting the new version sometime next year, probably. I don't want to do another reboot without completely finalizing the story - this time I'm giving myself time to write, edit, and revise, as well as build a buffer so I can update more often.

I really appreciate the support I've gotten and the fans of this comic. I hope you'll bear with me and stick around to see the final draft of AF next year. In the meantime, keep this comic in your favorites list to see more concept art from time to time, and be notified when I start posting the reboot!